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Wheelchair Accessibility

Wheelchair Accessible Airboat

Step aboard our one of a kind, wheelchair-accessible airboat and embark on a thrilling adventure through the enchanting Everglades. This unique experience seamlessly combines the exhilaration of an airboat ride with the inclusivity of wheelchair accessibility, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the natural beauty and excitement of this unique ecosystem.

Accessibility and Comfort

Our specially designed airboat is equipped with a spacious, ramped entrance, allowing wheelchair users to effortlessly board. The seating area is roomy, comfortable, and thoughtfully designed to provide unrestricted views of the surrounding wetlands, ensuring an immersive experience for all passengers. Safety is a top priority, and our experienced guides are trained to assist with securing wheelchairs and ensuring a smooth journey.

Sunset and Night Tours

For an extra touch of magic, consider booking a sunset or night airboat tour. The Everglades take on a different charm as the sun sets, and the night creatures come alive. These tours offer an even more immersive and sensory experience, with the soothing sounds of the nocturnal wildlife providing a unique backdrop.

An accessible airboat ride through the Everglades promises an unforgettable adventure for all. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, wildlife lover, or simply seeking a thrilling outdoor experience, our wheelchair-accessible airboat ensures that everyone can explore this captivating ecosystem. Join us and create lasting memories as you discover the beauty, serenity, and excitement of the Everglades.

Wheelchair Accessibility

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